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Shane C.
Verified Purchase

Trivae is an awesome addition to my kitchen! It's perfect for cooking and entertaining, such an easy way to present and serve dishes! The design is reliable and sturdy so you can safely use for a variety of dishes. The perfect practical gift for any family member or friend!

Sonja G.
Verified Purchase

I have one major gripe about Trivae...and that is I want a second one! This thing is fantastic. We use it daily and I don't know how I ever functioned without it. I use it for both the stove and a lid holder for my Crock Pot.

Pam T.
Verified Purchase

I like cooking to relax and Trivae solves a problem that keeps my cooking stress-free by addressing issues I have while cooking and serving. Love mine!

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Made in China
Hello Susan, Thanks so much taking the time to leave your feedback. We really value it as it helps us to know how we're doing and what we can do better. To address your concern, yes indeed, our product is custom manufactured in China and we ship all orders from our warehouse facilities in Jacksonville, FL. Manufacturing here at home was actually our primary focus when we first designed our product and set out to source production. We spent more than 2 years working with at least 3 different manufacturers here in the US to try to make it happen but it turned out to not be feasible and still bring the product to market. So we made the difficult decision to expand our production search abroad and China was not the only place abroad that we researched. There is no one who wants to manufacture here in the US more than us and we are always on the lookout for opportunities to make that happen. We are keeping an eye on the manufacturing landscape here as it changes. As soon as it's feasible, we will be proudly bringing it home! Having said all of that, quality of the product we offer our customers is of the utmost importance to use regardless of where it's manufactured and we stand by it. Is there something wrong with the order you received? If so, please contact us and we'd be happy to make it right! Best, The Trivae Girls
Don't know
Exactly What I Needed
Great followup on the delivery