What Is Trivae?

It's the perfect accessory for your kitchen. Lid holder, trivet & display stand in one, Trivae helps you cook cleaner and smarter. 


Trivae is a patented device with an artful design and many features. Created for the home cook and professional chef alike, it holds inverted lids when cooking and doubles as a trivet for serving and a display stand for finished dishes. With its chic, modern look, it fits seamlessly into any kitchen and lends that extra hand you always wished you had while cooking. It's also a great complement to a meal in any setting, whether a dinner at home, at a restaurant, or at a large catered event like a wedding. 

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Almost Perfect!

My only ding - and probably only my issue - is that the slide buttons to raise/lower the Trivae are a little difficult for my old hands. Still love it!


This is one of the best kitchen aid products I have ever purchased. No more burns trying to pick up a hot lid to replace it on a pot. And it is a very elegant way to serve cooked dishes. I have 4 and use all of them regularly.

Trivae great

we love the Trivae it lets us put 2 pans on 1 Trivae so we need less pot holders. WE also only need 1 for a cookie sheet


Lid Holder & Modular Trivet (Classic Black)

A delightful surprise!

My husband & I received a green Trivae for a wedding gift from a friend. We had never heard of Trivae and were fascinated by the idea! Since then, we have used our Trivae for fancy dinner parties all the way to making spaghetti at home on a Tuesday night. We LOVE it so much we bought two more for ourselves! I really recommend getting different colors. I love throwing parties and the Trivae really has become quite the talking piece. And the best part...it does not take up much space to store...that is if you don't find yourself using it every day! Highly recommend this product!