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Shane C.
Verified Purchase

Trivae is an awesome addition to my kitchen! It's perfect for cooking and entertaining, such an easy way to present and serve dishes! The design is reliable and sturdy so you can safely use for a variety of dishes. The perfect practical gift for any family member or friend!

Sonja G.
Verified Purchase

I have one major gripe about Trivae...and that is I want a second one! This thing is fantastic. We use it daily and I don't know how I ever functioned without it. I use it for both the stove and a lid holder for my Crock Pot.

Pam T.
Verified Purchase

I like cooking to relax and Trivae solves a problem that keeps my cooking stress-free by addressing issues I have while cooking and serving. Love mine!

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What Is Trivae?

It's the perfect accessory for your kitchen. Lid holder, trivet & display stand in one, Trivae helps you cook cleaner and smarter. 


Trivae is a patented device with an artful design and many features. Created for the home cook and professional chef alike, it holds inverted lids when cooking and doubles as a trivet for serving and a display stand for finished dishes. With its chic, modern look, it fits seamlessly into any kitchen and lends that extra hand you always wished you had while cooking. It's also a great complement to a meal in any setting, whether a dinner at home, at a restaurant, or at a large catered event like a wedding. 

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728 reviews
Great item!!!

I bought one just for curiosity. I was so impressed with it and found myself using it constantly that I got myself another one and bought them for Xmas gifts. Well made and so versatile.

Modular Trivet

Was a Gift, recipient loves it.

Great tool, great gift!

I've used this device almost every day since I bought it. I was always looking for some place to put a steaming pot lid while cooking. This does the trick! I've even put two at a time one it when required. I'm a tool freak and when I find one that does the job in spades, I use it all the time. My mantra, "Use the right tool for the job." This one does it. Loved it so much I gave one to all my married children for Christmas.

Very handy!

I bought one of these for myself and liked it so much that I bought four more as gifts.

My Purchase

Great idea...I got one for myself and another as a gift for my sister.....