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Flame Red | 2-pc Bundle
Mark M (Brooklyn, NY)
Love it

I got it 2 for my wife's birthday and she loves it. Now my mom wants it and my sister.
And I'm gonna get it 2 more for my wife. Recommend

Classic Black | 2-pc Bundle
Preston Patterson (Lake Orion, MI)

Classic Black Combo - 2-pc

Lid Holder & Modular Trivet | Classic Black
Deborah Spigarelli (Venice, FL)
Birthday Gift

My sister absolutely loves her gift. She thought it was such a creative invention and using it all the time since she received it. She said very cool gift 🎁

Classic Black | 2-pc Bundle
Jackie Dunn (Statham, GA)
Excellent Product

We purchased these to use for an event at our church. They are well made, lightweight, and have a really nice appearance. People kept looking at them and asked questions about them. Hopefully, you'll get more sales from their inquiries. Will use them for displaying more things in hospitality at our church.


I was given one as a gift and I loved it so much that I had to look at the website to order as a present to each household in the family. They all love it!

High quality!

Heavy and just what I was looking for.

Pretty good

I ordered three of these. For the most part they're awesome and I don't regret it. But a couple things bug me. The size and shape make it very difficult to rest a lid on the top part as advertised if I'm using a towel or hot pad to pick up the lid. If I'm wearing a glove it's perfect, but sometimes I need to get the lid somewhere quickly and this makes it difficult.

Also, one of the three had a lot of loose glue all over it from where the silicone was glued to the metal. It still works fine and too much is better than not enough but I'd have preferred a bit better quality control.

Hi Andy,

Thank you for your review. We are very grateful for your feedback - your input give us valuable information to help us know how we're doing and where we can improve.

We spent a lot of time on the planning the design. The ultimate finalized size and shape is the best design we found that would balance both ease of use with versatility for a range of lid sizes, the smallest of which would be 6 inches. Having said that, we are happy to evaluate your feedback to see if there's anything more we can do to improve usability.

As for the loose glue, we are very sorry that one of your products arrived in that manner. We have strict quality control procedures in place to ensure that our customers only receive the highest quality products, but that sometimes is the nature of a mass production process. We will monitor activity to be sure that the issue does not continue.

Lid Holder & Modular Trivet | Royal Blue
Cristina Galea (The Bronx, NY)

I bought a second one

Trivae - Pre-Order Special
Edina Nasongkhla (Beaverton, OR)

Really ingenius concept that's versatile. I love using it as a pot lid holder when cooking but I've also used it for cooling baked products. It's a bit expensive but really worth it. It doesn't look cheaply made either. I bought one for myself and another for my mom.

Lid Holder & Modular Trivet | Classic Black
Andrew Mack (Summerville, SC)
Awesome product!

Ordering from Trivae was extremely easy and the product came as described. We received it in a few days after ordering and we've used it a lot. It is a great tool for any style of kitchen.

Classic Black | 2-pc Bundle
Debra Britton (McAllen, TX)
Love it!

I placed my Trivae right by my stove top. And I have used it every day since. Perfect, solid and very attractive.

Lid Holder & Modular Trivet | Royal Blue
Diana Barsness (Sunburst, MT)
Not as great as I expected

The Trivae is a bit difficult to maneuver , so you have to think ahead to decide if you want a trivet or pot lid holder. Perhaps I’ll use it more in the future.

Hi Diana,

Thank you so much for your feedback, and we're sorry to hear that you're running into trouble operating your unit. Customers have said that it's easy once they get the hang of it, so there might be a small learning curve.

We're happy to provide some quick tips for operating the locking mechanism below, if you are still having some trouble:

- The easiest way is to operate one ring and one button at a time.
- Press the button for each ring towards the center of the spine and release the locking mechanism on that ring.
- It should then rotate freely until it locks again into any of the available positions.
- Then basically repeat the process for the other ring.
- The mechanism is spring loaded so if you unlock either of the rings, let the button go and rotate the ring, it'll spring back into a locked position as you rotate and it finds a groove to lock into.

The mechanism may also be a little stiff for the first few times you operate it, but it should smooth out with use.

Thanks again for your comments. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions or concerns, and we'd be happy to help you resolve them.

Black & Red | 2-pc Bundle
Dale Trimm (Placitas, NM)
Love these!

I now have 3 of these... they have so many uses besides holding hot things! Love the versatility.

Classic Black | 2-pc Bundle
Billy Nowell (Lafayette, CO)
Best thing to have in your kitchen!

It was sent to me as a gift and I've given them to others that I know that love to cook!
It saves time in any kitchen, an outstanding product!

Works great

Great item and works wonderfully, I was expecting a slightly tighter locking piece or internal gear. Something slightly more robust, but still works as it says.


Not for formal use

Hi Betty,

Thank you for your feedback, and we're sorry to hear that you're disappointed with our product. If you would like to give us a few more details about the issue that you're having, we would be happy to have more information.

We stand by the quality of our products, and our priority is making sure that all of our customers are satisfied. Please let us know if there's anything else we can do to assist you with the situation.

Classic Black | 2-pc Bundle
Carol Oehler (Forest Lake, MN)
Love this thing!

I use my Trivae often as a trivit and a pan lid holder. Very handy!

Awesome product!

Absolutely enjoying! No more burning my hand while trying ti set down a hot lid.

Lid Holder & Modular Trivet | Classic Black
Brad Raley (Fort Collins, CO)
Very useful

Really love this trivet. Comes in hand in all the positions and does not take too much room.

Holiday Recipe Book - Dessert Favorites
Tamra Muse (Fair Grove, MO)

I did not buy it. I didn’t even know it existed

Hi Tamra,

Thank you for your feedback! The Holiday Recipe Book was a free additional gift you automatically received when you purchased a Trivae during our holiday promotion in November and December, meant as a thank you to our customers for supporting us.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or concerns.

Lid Holder & Modular Trivet | Royal Blue
Craig Piech (Kaitaia, NTL)
Lid holder

Great product, super service!

Classic Black | 2-pc Bundle
Kelly B (Rupert, ID)
Black 2-Pack Trivae

These items are GREAT! The versitility is brilliant!

Black & Red | 2-pc Bundle
Tina Smith (Knoxville, TN)
Love Trivae

These are the most versatile holders I have ever had. I even have one for my BFF.
I highly recommend them to anyone that cooks or entertains.

Red & Blue | 2-pc Bundle
Kelly Baumgartel (Overland Park, KS)
Extra hands!

I’m a very good home cook, I knew I needed extra counter space, but wasn’t expecting TRIVAE to provide it, amazing products! I just leave mine out all the time and boom there it is holding my full sheet pan of garlic croutons or boom there it is holding the lid while I add cream to the tomato soup! Or boom there it is holding my enameled cast iron full of bread dough turned to bread at 475 degrees to cool! Very, very very pleased. Tip: JUST LEAVE IT OUT and you will use it ALL THE TIME! Love TRIVAE.

Holiday Recipe Book - Dessert Favorites
JULIO GARCIA (San Bernardino, CA)

Great Product