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Lid Holder & Modular Trivet
Marcia Glenn (Duncanville, TX)
great invention

Take's a while to set it up until you practice for a while.

Hi Marcia,

Thank you so much for your compliments, we're so happy to hear that you are enjoying your purchase. We do know that some customers have said that the product is a breeze to use once they get the hang of it so there might be a small learning curve :)

Just to make that process a bit, easier, here are some quick tips for operating the locking mechanism:

- The easiest way is to operate one ring and one button at a time.
- Press the button for each ring towards the center of the spine and release the locking mechanism on that ring.
- It should then rotate freely until it locks again into any of the available positions.
- Then basically repeat the process for the other ring.
- The mechanism is spring loaded so if you unlock either of the rings, let the button go and rotate the ring, it'll spring back into a locked position as you rotate and it finds a groove to lock into.

Hope that all made sense. We’ve also got a quick video on how to easily switch between product modes here:

Thanks again for being a customer, we really appreciate you :-)

Team Trivae

Lid Holder & Modular Trivet
Charles Walker (Alpharetta, GA)
This thing is COOL!!

It works awesome and looks cool at the same time. You won’t regret this purchase.

This is my GO TO wedding gift!

Everyone has expressed how much they LOVE these unique trivets! I always strive to give gifts not on the registry, so the couple will think of us every time they use them! I use mine every single day, so I feel very confident in gifting them.

Lid Holder & Modular Trivet
Pjoe (Harvey, LA)
average quality,

I was expecting more for the price, like tighter joints and heaver construction.

Hi there,

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback. We're sorry to hear that the product construction is not what you were expecting. The trivet is made of aluminum, a metal commonly used in cookware and housewares of all types. While it's definitely lightweight and as such may seem at first, somewhat flimsy. But we promise you, we've tested the design backwards and forwards. It's very functional and built to withstand all the uses it's been designed for. So please don't hesitate to use it as you originally intended. In fact, please feel free to test it out in your home and if you're not happy with the performance, we will happily take it back. We're sure the last thing you need is another tool in your kitchen that you don't use and we worked really hard to make sure that our product does not fall into that category. Please don't hesitate to reach out if there's anything else we can do to assist.

Team Trivae

Lid Holder & Modular Trivet
Louis Perrotta (Huntington, NY)
Great little item!!

Verstile and sturdy, this trivet is strong and stores easily. Very clever use of space!

Lid Holder & Modular Trivet
Ronald holub (Dallas, TX)
Handy & Helpful!

This is an ideal kitchen aid for cooking both large & small dishes for one big meal. At least 2 of these are needed in every cook's kitchen!

Lid Holder & Modular Trivet
Good Lid Holder! Better Displayer!!

Heavy but very Nice. As a lid "holder" it is a little ackward to use as you have to until you get used to using it. As a display(er) it does a VERY good job of holding plates and dishes of "things" like appetizers. Very sturdy. Highly recommended!

Lid Holder & Modular Trivet
Melissa K (New Lenox, IL)

Someone finally made something like this! It’s so easy to use and really helps when you’re cooking! No more trying to set down a hot lid while trying to avoid burning your fingers!


What took you so long for this blessing? I have burned my fingers so many times and this is so wonderful to have just knowing my fingers are now safe from being burned. I love it!

Lid Holder & Modular Trivet
Bharatkumar Patel (Corona, CA)

Lid Holder & Modular Trivet

Lid Holder & Modular Trivet
Alicia Mellow (Ocala, FL)
Love this!

It’s so versatile! I ordered it so I would have a handy place to store my pot lids while stirring a sauce or something similar. I have used it as a large trivet as well and it is just right for sheet pans, etc. I highly recommend it!

Black & Red | 2-pc Bundle
Debra Cummins (McAllen, TX)
works great

supported my pot lid that is quite heavy with no problem.

Lid Holder & Modular Trivet
Norma Scott (Richmond, VA)
Best trivet ever

I have burned my hands on my pan lids so many times trying to lay them on the counter upside down. NO MORE! My new Trivae lid holder and modular trivet has saved the day! It is also great for large roasting pans - one trivet to rule them all.

Lid Holder & Modular Trivet
Rita Jepsen (Bloomfield, CT)
Fabulous and Long Needed Innovative Kitchen Tool....

For so long I have been frustrated about how to put a hot, steamy, and frequently dripping hot pot lid on a kitchen counter without either turning it over (dirtying the countertop) or leaving it turned up (making it difficult to pick up) TRIVAE SOLVES THIS PROBLEM! Easy to use. AND it can serve as a trivet and platter holder... Folds up easily so that storing it isn't a problem. I have already ordered more as gifts as my Foodie Friends. I am SO GLAD to have this simple tool in my kitchen. THANK YOU!!

Lid Holder & Modular Trivet
colleen calimer (Columbus, OH)
Brilliant answer to an everyday problem

I am so pleased with this product and the fact that it is designed by a woman. So practical, esthetically pleasing, and multi-functional. It holds all of my lids, including extra-large and cast iron. Brilliant answer to an everyday problem!

Lid Holder & Modular Trivet
Becky (Big Stone City, SD)
Love it!

Very handy

Lid Holder & Modular Trivet
Adam Lee (Houston, TX)
Very pleased!

I purchased two - and I really like them, no complaints. They are sturdy enough for all of my cast iron and cast steel pans I have!

I use them almost daily now as serving platforms for almost every meal.

Lid Holder & Modular Trivet
Rosemary Mindiola (La Quinta, CA)

Lid Holder & Modular Trivet

Lid Holder & Modular Trivet
Sheri R (Madison, WI)
So handy! Very happy with my purchase

I thought this had potential and it lived up to the hype. So handy for holding lids and avoiding burning your hands trying to replace the hot lid back on a pot. I was able to put my silicone spoon rest under the base of it so it doesn't take up any extra counter space. Very happy with my purchase and I haven't even used it solely in the trivet mode yet. I'm sure I'll like the versatility of it then as well.

Lid Holder & Modular Trivet
Bridget Ellis (Boca Raton, FL)
Very handy

I love it. It’s convenient and it’s nice that it can go from the stove to table.

Lid Holder & Modular Trivet
William Gilbert (Carefree, AZ)
Kitchen gadget

Just finishing up our new kitchen Haven’t used yet

Lid Holder & Modular Trivet
Jim DiCola (Houston, TX)
Lid Holder

And hot tray……love it!

Lid Holder & Modular Trivet
Vincent Scicchitano (Red Bank, NJ)
great product

a little pricey but I can live with it..

Lid Holder & Modular Trivet
David Wyatt (El Paso, TX)
Great product

Shipped fast, packed well and arrived as advertised. Great quality, certainly worth the price for a product that will last at least for my lifetime.

Lid Holder & Trivet | Back-in-Stock Special
Linda Berlinghof (Andrews Air Force Base Census Designated Place, MD)
Fantastic Product—Truly the best

We were skeptical, but boy we love this gadget. So many uses. Love taking stuff out of the oven and placing on the top or even open it up. Love, love the blue, goes with my stuff. Love placing the covers of the pots on it too, so not dripping all over the place now. Thank you Trivet Lid holder