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Trivae Lid Holder & Modular Trivet for Savvy Cooks

The Ultimate Kitchen Helper

Tired of rummaging through a mountain of tools to find the right one? Fed up with burns and spills on your kitchen counters? We get it.
Kitchen tools can make cooking easier but who wants to clutter up drawers with a ton of single-use gadgets?

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Our Lid Holder & Modular Trivet Is Here to Save the Day

This handy 4-in-1 kitchen tool combines a lid holder, serving & display stands and an expandable trivet into the ultimate kitchen helper:

  • Easy to position
  • No assembly required
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Stores compactly in any kitchen drawer

  • 1 Beautiful Tool 3 Adjustable PositionsEndless Possibilities!

    Lid Holder (Z-Shape)

    No more mixing up lids or letting them take over every inch of your counters. Our lid holder and modular trivet:

    • Holds lids (all shapes & sizes) up to 10 lbs.
    • Saves fingers & counters from burns & spills
    • Leaves both hands free for cooking
    • Less kitchen clutter & clean up after cooking

Lid Holder (Z-Shape)

      Hot Pot Holder

      This tool goes with you from kitchen to table to keep clumsy spills off your counters. No more risky juggling acts in the kitchen or anywhere else!

      • Elevates hot pots, pans and dishes

      • Protects surfaces like dining tables
      • Heat resistant up to 475°F
      • Stores compactly in any kitchen drawer

Hot Pot Holder

            Expandable Trivet

            No need for multiple tools. Our lid holder and modular trivet can hold dishes large and small and serve as a single or dual trivet.

            • Elevates up to two dishes at once

            • Holds casseroles, platters & serving trays
            • Eliminates the need for multiple trivets
            • The perfect cooling rack for cookie sheets

Expandable Trivet

                  Serving & Display Stand

                  Party at your place? Skip the clutter and elevate platters, casseroles, cakes and more with the adjustable display stand.

                  • Maximizes display & serving space
                  • Supports dishes up to 10 lbs.
                  • Great for party platters, pizzas & appetizers
                  • The cake stand & buffet server for catered events

Serving & Display Stand

                        Space-Saving Design

                        Slim and sleek, the Trivae lid holder and modular trivet tucks neatly away to save precious kitchen real estate. And it's available in three colors to complement your décor.

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                        Revolutionize your cooking, serving & entertaining with our multi-functional lid holder and modular trivet!

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                                    Ditch the clutter and let the Trivae lid holder and modular trivet make your kitchen safer and more organized.

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