Trivae - Lid Holder & Modular Trivet

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Trivae - Lid Holder & Modular Trivet

$60.00 You Save: $0.00 (100%)

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UVP icon_Puzzle pieces fitting together - easy to position
Handy - Easy to Position
UVP Icon - Chain links - durable & made to last
Durable - Made to Last
UVP Icon - flexed bicep - sturdy - holds up to 10 lbs
Sturdy - Holds up to 10 lbs

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Product Description

Product Description
Lid Holder

GIF - steaming lid placed on Trivae lid holder in classic black by chef's hand

  • Holds all lids up to 10 lbs
  • Saves fingers & counters from burns & spills
  • Leaves both hands free for cooking
    Single or Dual Trivet

    GIF - expanded Trivae trivet in classic black on the dining table with asparagus platter and bubble bread platter being placed on it

    • Elevates dishes large and small
    • Holds up to two dishes at once
    • Replaces multiple trivets
     Serving & Display Stand

    GIF - Trivae display stand in classic black on a table with BBQ condiments with platter of grilled meats being placed on it

    • Holds pizzas, cakes and appetizers
    • Maximizes serving space at parties
    Ease of Use

    GIF - Operating locking mechanism to open Trivae lid holder in classic black and place hot lid on top

    • Easy to position (no assembly)
    • Strong enough to hold up to 10 lbs
    Compact Storage

    GIF - Trivae trivet in classic black being closed and put away in kitchen cabinet

    • Easily folds flat for storage
    • Takes the space of two plates in your cabinet
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 749 reviews
    Reba Parkinson (Houston, TX)
    Love the Trivae Kitchen Gadget

    I love this kitchen gadget. I use it every week when I make 2 pots of soup. It holds both lids. I love it!

    Songshan MEN (San Mateo, CA)

    The small rubber anti-skid parts are easy to fall off and lose, and the others are satisfied.

    Hi there,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We truly appreciate it as it helps us to know how we're doing. So happy to hear that you're really enjoying your purchase and putting it to good use in your home :)

    A quick note on the feet that you mentioned. Unfortunately that part of the process is a very manual one for our manufacturer and sometimes mistakes can occur in that they might have missed gluing in some of the feet on your unit. This is something we will definitely work with them on to help improve the process so we really want to thank you for sharing that feedback. In the meantime, if you do see a foot pop out, just dab a bit of glue into the cavity before replacing it. This will ensure that they stay put for you and if you ever need some replacements, please don't hesitate to let us know and we'll send some out for you. Thanks again!

    Gerald Kucab (Mancelona, MI)

    Trivae - Back-in-Stock Special

    DANIEL SCULLY (Philadelphia, PA)
    Worth the money. Best lid holder out there.

    I tried so many before I got to this product. I sucked it up and paid the price... worth it!! Clearly great quality. Nothing comparable!

    francine scanapico (West Islip, NY)

    Love my lid holder! Keep it on my counter next to my stove. It's a great gadget to have. I gave it 4 stars because it's not made in USA. By reading the company info, I thought product was made in USA. I couldn't find where it was made and hoped it was made here. So was disappointed when I received it and found that it was not.

    Hello Francine,

    Thank you so much for sharing your feedback. We are so happy to hear that you are finding our product useful in your home. Solving your pesky cooking problems is exactly what we're here to do :-).

    Regarding our company information. We are indeed a US-based business, headquartered in VA and we ship all orders from our warehouse facilities in Jacksonville, FL. However, our products are custom manufactured in China. Manufacturing at home was our primary focus when we first set out to source production and we spent more than 2 years working with at least 3 different manufacturers here in the US to try to make it happen. But it turned out to not be feasible economically, so we made the difficult decision to expand our production search abroad and China was not the only place abroad that we researched. There is no one who wants to manufacture here in the US more than us, and we are always on the lookout for opportunities to make that happen. We are keeping an eye on the manufacturing landscape here as it changes. As soon as it's doable, we will be proudly bringing it home! We hope you understand and thank you again for supporting our business! - Svetlana