Tips and Tricks to Declutter Your Kitchen

Posted by The Trivae Girls

Tips and Tricks to Declutter Your Kitchen

If your kitchen looks like something that would cause a Gordon Ramsay freakout, you're not alone. Kitchens tend to get overlooked when there are so many things going on.

Working late, taking care of the kids, trying to get enough sleep, and having any semblance of a social life is hard enough. Now you're supposed to organize pots and pans too?

While it may seem low on your list of priorities, there's a good reason why you should declutter your kitchen: the mess can cause enormous amounts of stress and anxiety, and it can even make us irritable and distracted on a daily basis.

The outside world is stressful enough; you deserve a home where you can unwind!

From organizing your cabinets to replacing single-use gadgets with a 4-in-1 kitchen tool, let's take a look at the steps you'll need to take when decluttering.

Know How to Declutter a Kitchen

First things first: when learning how to declutter a kitchen, you need to have a game plan. You can't fix a mess with more disorder, after all.

Before you dive in as passionately as a trash panda, don't forget to set up boxes for the items you'll be tossing versus donating (we know; it's tough parting ways with your stuff, but it'll be worth it).

Whether you're cleaning out your cluttered drawers or crowded pantry, pull everything out, then go through items one at a time, deciding what to do with each.

As much as your scatterbrained mind advises against this, always focus on one area before moving to the next. Not only can this help keep you from growing overwhelmed, but it can also make it easier to stay organized.

When you're finished, follow the age-old rule every household has: put everything back where it was. Or you can find a new place for each thing.

Ideally, you'll want to go for function over aesthetics. For example, keep your mugs near the coffee maker rather than in the deep dark depths of your cupboard. And plates and dishes should be stored near the dishwasher for maximum convenience (or laziness).

Consider labeling your containers or shelves if you've moved things around and your family members are typically clueless. This can prevent all the persistent inquiries that are sure to follow if you don't.

Finally, don't feel obligated to clean. This sounds too good to be true, right?

Though cleaning and decluttering go hand in hand, they're two different tasks that require two different types of attention. Switching between them can be overwhelming if you're dealing with a mountain of clutter.

Instead, consider decluttering first and cleaning up after yourself when you're done. Or have hubby do it to earn his keep.

Get Rid of Anything Past Its Prime

(We could make a joke about your husband here, but we won't.)

One of the best ways to make a huge dent as you declutter a kitchen is to get rid of things you no longer need, no matter how much your inner Smeagol protests.

Contrary to what you think, chipped dishes and mugs, blackened or scratched pans, and containers with missing lids aren't "precious" items. Purging them is the way to go.

Purge Items You Don't Need

Saying goodbye to useless things isn't enough. You should also let go of duplicate items, as well as things you haven't used in the past three months. If they're in good condition, donate them.

The exception is seasonal items. So go ahead and keep that festive serving bowl fo the holidays.

The easiest place to start is your tableware. If you don't use your fancy porcelain plates even when your in-laws are over, get rid of it. Dispose of gift mugs and souvenir plates collecting dust and growing cobwebs in the cabinet.

It also helps to consider your culinary preferences and strengths. It might be time to admit you're not a good baker, and that you don't need all those silicone cupcake liners. If you can't remember the last time you used the air fryer you bought on a whim, then it deserves a better home.

If there's any doubt in your mind, see if you actually still use old appliances. Alton Brown famously scorns single-use kitchen gadgets, and for good reason: they take up valuable space but aren't often used. Consider tossing your avocado slicer, salad chopper, or egg poacher unless you reach for them often.

Lastly, don't forget to purge unwanted food as well. If you come across something that's expired or inedible, toss it. Donate it if it's something the kiddos won't touch with a 10-foot pole.

Be your biggest critic at this stage. You can clear a lot of space in your pantry if you are!

Choose Better Tools

If you need to replace thrown-out items, think smarter: go for ones you'll get more use from and won't throw out again.

For example, you might want to choose a large bowl that can act as both a mixing bowl and a serving bowl. If you buy oven- and fridge-safe containers with no labels for home organization, you can store, cool, and reheat almost anything inside of them.

Items like our 4-in-1 kitchen tool can help you cook, serve, and entertain with a single gadget. You'll look and cook smart!

Declutter Your Kitchen Often

The process doesn't stop once everything's neat and tidy. "Decluttering" should be a word on your to-do list; it's got to be part of your routine.

Spend a few minutes at the end of every day cleaning your mess and returning items to the places they belong. It'll be a lot easier than leaving a disaster area for future you.

Get More Out of Your Kitchen

When you're trying to navigate a culinary bomb site, the above steps can help. Eliminating unused items and making space for cool tools allows you to get more out of your space, even if it's teeny tiny.

As you work to declutter your kitchen, consider trying our 4-in-1 kitchen tool! In addition to cutting kitchen clutter, our beautiful tool makes cooking, serving, and entertaining easy, without creating more chaos. To see why home cooks love it, check out our reviews and order yours today!