The Best Kitchen Tools and Gadgets to Make Your Life Easier

Posted by The Trivae Girls

The Best Kitchen Tools and Gadgets to Make Your Life Easier

Did you know that 72% of Americans say the cook in their family could easily rival a pro? It's certainly a flattering thought that your loved ones liken you to Giada De Laurentiis or Anthony Bourdain.

But when you're fumbling around and cursing yourself for making such (seemingly) mediocre food, it's tough to feel like anything but a fraud.

However, have you ever considered that you don't have the best kitchen tools and gadgets? After all, without proper paintbrushes, even Rembrandt can't create a masterpiece.

To help make you feel like a boss again, here are some kitchen gadgets that make life easier and transform you into a pro chef.

Vegetable Holder and Slicer

If you're fed up with veggies slipping and sliding all over your kitchen counter, then purchase a vegetable holder and slicer.

You can use this stainless steel tool to stab into vegetables to hold them securely. Then use a knife to slice through the prongs, and you'll get even and thin pieces. You can even use it for meat!

This tool is small and compact, so it'll fit in with your other kitchen accessories without taking up much room.

Auto-Measure Carousel Spice Rack

Spices and everything nice are vital in conjuring up flavorful dishes. But mistake "teaspoon" for "tablespoon," and it's a disaster waiting to happen, which is entirely possible in the whirlwind of prepping and cooking.

Save yourself some trouble and time with an auto-measure carousel spice rack for home cooking.

When a recipe calls for two teaspoons of cumin, simply turn the carousel to the spice, click the button for two teaspoons, and voila! The device will automatically dispense the correct amount into your cup or bowl, and you can keep cooking without pause.

Digital Kitchen Scale

Stop contorting your brain and exhausting yourself by reading recipes, then dividing your ingredients into the right portions based on quick mental math and guesswork.

Give your noggin a rest and buy a digital kitchen scale. Put a bowl on it, turn it on, then drop your ingredients in slowly to get instant and accurate results.

If you're a baker, then you'll know exactly how important it is to get all measurements right. And this scale will save you some heartache!

Silicone Baking Mat Set

To look after the environment better, swap your parchment paper and aluminum foil out for a silicone baking mat set. Instead of being one-time use only, you can use these mats over and over again.

An added benefit is you won't have to use oil or butter when baking and roasting since they have a non-stick coating. We know it won't negate the mountain of delicious butter you've slathered your food with, but it's still something, right?

Container Lid Organizer

Have you ever opened your kitchen cabinet, only to be attacked by an avalanche of Tupperware lids falling on you? It's a shameful mess, and you can't let Suzy next door see this the next time she comes over.

A container lid organizer neatly stacks all your lids by size and shape, so it's a sight for sore eyes. More importantly, you'll be able to pair your containers and lids in an instant. Say goodbye to the frustrating times spent looking for a needle in a haystack.

Hand Immersion Blender

Anyone who's made a creamy soup has had the unfortunate experience of pouring the hot liquid into their glass blender and either cracking it from the heat or splattering the liquid all over the counter. Plus, it's such a pain bringing out the heavy equipment (and washing it all afterward too).

A hand immersion blender saves SO much trouble, you'll be trying to whizz anything you get your hands on. As soon as your soup's done simmering, you can put the tool straight in and blend it to silky perfection. And with such a small device, cleanup is easy peasy.

Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack

Those with small kitchens know the struggles of not having enough space to do everything. If you don't have a large counter, then you probably don't want to waste space by putting a drying rack there.

A roll-up dish drying rack can solve this problem if you have a double sink. Or you can unroll it partway to cover your single sink.

Either way, you can stack your dishes as you get through them. Because this keeps your counter clear, you can then move onto the next meal's food prep without a bunch of dishes in the way.

Trivae 4-in-1 Kitchen Tool

Our 4-in-1 kitchen tool is a dream to have. As the name suggests, it serves multiple purposes.

When you're cooking, you can use it as a lid holder so you can save both your fingers and your beautiful counters. Then, when you're done cooking, it doubles as a hot pot holder. You can also use it as a cooling rack when baking those tasty treats.

Finally, this tool acts as a display stand. If you're entertaining at home, then you can proudly show your dishes off to your guests and maximize serving space while you're at it.

Our 4-in-1 kitchen tool isn't a pain to store either. Its unique, rotating rings allow it to not only convert from a lid holder to an expandable trivet, but to also fold up and be stowed away compactly.

It's one of the most awesome gifts for people who like to cook, so if you enjoy it, your loved ones definitely will too.

Treat Yourself to the Best Kitchen Tools

You slave away every day for your family, so don't you deserve the best kitchen tools? Not only will they make your life easier, but they'll also elevate your dishes and even make Gordon Ramsay proud.

With these gadgets, you'll be one step closer to achieving your secret dream of being the next top home chef. And your cooking will show it too.

Take a look at our reviews to see how many people love the Trivae kitchen tool. Then nab one for yourself!